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Key material

Key Reading Books

Invitation to Ahmadiyyat

Da’watul-Ameer (Invitation to Ahmadiyyat) was written in 1926, specifically addressing the Amir of Afghanistan, Amanullah Khan, who ordered the execution by stoning of three Afghan Ahmadi Muslims a couple of years earlier.

Basics of Religious Education

The original was published in 1993 and very quickly became the standard handbook for imparting Islamic religious education and training to young and old alike.

Conditions of Bai’at and Responsibilities of an Ahmadi

In 1889, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian claimed to be the same Promised Messiah and al-Mahdi about whom the Holy Prophet Muhammad(sa) had given glad tidings. The Holy Prophet(sa) had prophesied that the important role of the Promised Messiah and al-Mahdi would be to revive faith and firmly establish the practice of Islamic law.