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This website is for members of the UK Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. If you wish to learn more about our community please visit our affiliated site

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Due to COVID Restrictions, some events may be impacted. Please check for latest information closer to the dates.

24th September 2021 - 26th September 2021

The Ijtema is an annual academic and spiritual event of Ahmadi Muslim girls and women. It is the [...]

16th October 2021 - 17th October 2021

The National Tabligh Team will issue information about this event nearer the time.

23rd October 2021

The Pan-African Ahmadiyya Muslim Association (PAAMA) UK holds an annual symposium to explore the unity that religion brings [...]


Mosque in London Prayer Times

  • Fajr 5.45
  • Zohr 2.00
  • Asr 5.00
  • Maghrib 8.00
  • Ishaa 8.00

Mosques in London Prayer Times from Friday 17th September 2021

Prayer Times at Home
Fajr: 5.45 / Zuhr 2.00 / Asr 5.00/ Maghrib: 8.00/ Ishaa 8.00

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