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This website is for members of the UK Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. If you wish to learn more about our community please visit our affiliated site

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Due to COVID Restrictions, some events may be impacted. Please check for latest information closer to the dates.

6th August 2021 - 8th August 2021

For further information please go to:

15th August 2021

PAAMA UK will be holding a Post Jalsa Reception. Your Local PAAMA representative will contact you with more [...]

28th August 2021

PAAMA hold an Eid Milan Picnic every year, your local PAAMA representative  will contact you with more information [...]


Mosque in London Prayer Times

  • Fajr 4.15
  • Zohr 2.00
  • Asr 5.30
  • Maghrib 9.30
  • Ishaa 9.30

Mosques in London Prayer Times from Wednesday 14th July 2021

Prayer Times at Home
Fajr: 4.15 / Zuhr 2.00 / Asr 5.30 / Maghrib: 9.30/ Ishaa 9.30

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