Nikah is a solemn and sacred social contract between a man and a woman.

The nikah ceremony usually takes place in a mosque and is conducted by an appointed jama’at representative (e.g. Missionary) in front of witnesses. In UK, this must take place after the civil registration ceremony. The bride must freely give her consent to the nikah and can be represented at the ceremony by a male guardian (e.g. Father).

During the nikah the jama’at representative recites a special prayer from the hadith (abu daud, kitabul nikah, hadith no 2113) and verses from the holy Qur’an (4:2, 33:71-72 and 59:19) to remind those present about the significance of marriage, and the couple’s responsibilities.

The haqmehr or dower (a mandatory monetary gift promised by the groom to the bride, based on his income) is publicly announced.

The ceremony ends with a silent prayer and the signing of the nikah form by two witnesses, one of whom is the person who conducted the nikah.

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