Talim Lectures

The National Ta’lim Department is pleased to launch an exciting new online lecture series during the blessed month of Ramadan. These will be delivered by distinguished speakers in the Jama’at covering a range of topics for the spiritual, moral and intellectual benefit of AMA members of all ages and backgrounds.

Please register for the lectures you wish to join. You will receive an email with the invitation link for each lecture you have signed up to. There is no limit to the number of lectures you can join.

Register for lecture

Below you can click on either the Microsoft Teams link or the YouTube link.

Join Lecture on YouTube


We have also embedded the feed below for your ease.


Guidelines for Joining on Microsoft Teams:
1) Registration will close one hour before each lecture.
2) Lectures will take place on Microsoft Teams. Download from here if you haven’t already: https://teams.microsoft.com/downloads. This should be installed on the device you will be using.
3) Arrive 2 minutes before the start of the lecture.
4) Keep microphones OFF unless given permission to unmute.
5) There will be opportunities for interaction/Q&A at the speaker’s discretion.
6) Write any questions/comments in the chat – these should be pertinent and not be a distraction from the lecture.
7) Moderators will be present in each lecture.
8) Hang up as soon as the lecture finishes.
9) Recordings of the lectures will be uploaded to YouTube.

We hope you enjoy and derive maximum benefit from the lecture series. Please encourage relatives and friends in the Jama’at to sign up too.

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