Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Scotland region has over 650 members divided into three Jammats, namely:

1 – Glasgow

2 – Dundee

3 – Edinburgh & Fife

In Scotland, we have two mosques. One is located in Glasgow city named Baitur Rahman, and 2nd one is in Dundee city named Baitul Mahmood. The largest Jammat is Glasgow and also host most of the Regional events in Baitur Rahman Mosque.

There are two Missionaries serving the Jammat, they are:

   1. Daud Ahmad Qureshi sahib – Edinburgh & Dundee

   2. Rawahuddin Arif Khan sahib – Glasgow

Following are contact details of Local Presidents & Regional Amir:


Abdul Samad Khan sahib

Email: President.Glasgow@ahmadiyya.scot



Shoaib Afzal Khan sahib

Email: President.Dundee@ahmadiyya.scot


Edinburgh & Fife: 

Usman Saeed sahib

Email: President.Edinburgh@ahmadiyya.scot

 @AMA_Edinburgh & Fife,

Regional Amir Scotland: 

Muhammad Ahsan Ahmad sahib

Email: Regamir@ahmadiyya.scot

@AhmadiyyaScot,  AhmadiyyaScot, AhmadiyyaScot, AhmadiyyaScot